Johnson Skin Shiner


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Johnson Skin Shiner 200ml

Johnson Skin Shiner in an exclusively solution intrinsic skincare product. Johnson Skin Shiner which a part of our Skin Shiner, which regenerates the appearance of the skin for a beautifully polished texture and renewed vibrancy. It boasts the self-healing treatment for your skin that should definitely be a regular part of your skincare routine.

The power of Vitamin C brings back the baby-like freshness on the skin. It softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to improve the skin’s texture. Over time, our Skin Polisher with fruity formula noticeably makes the skin firmer and more elastic. Johnson Skin Shiner cleans the skin thoroughly and leaves the skin looking fresh and glowing.

Using the Skin Shiner everyday can give you the luminous glow you have always wished for.

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