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Delvin Apricot Face Scrub Brings You The Moisturizing Benefits Of Apricot To Make Your Skin Younger, Healthier and Glowing. Delvin Scrub To Give You Younger and Beautiful Skin, This Apricot Scrub Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines Near Your Eyes And On Your Forehead. To Reduce Their Prominence. Benefits The Exfoliation Effect Helps Remove All Dead Skin Cells To Give You a Fairer and Fresher Tone.

How To Use

Squeeze a Dime Size Amount Of Delvin Apricot Scrub onto Your Fingertips And Massage Into Damp Skin. Work The Face Wash All Over, Right Up To Your Hairline And Onto The Sides Of Your Nose. When You Are Done Rinse and Pat Dry With A Clean Towel.

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