Delvin Cream Wax 160gm


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Delvin Strawberry Cream Wax 160gm

DELVIN CREME WAX FOR FINE HAIR: Delvin Crème Wax melts at a lower temperature allowing for a more comfortable application, particularly on sensitive skin. The thinner application aids in the removal of unwanted hair, an easier and faster approach to waxing fine hair. Delvin Crème Wax is designed to remove unwanted hair on sensitive skin and successfully seeps into hair follicles to gently pull out the roots.

How To Use

Try Delvin Cream Wax Only For Short Hair, Which Can Be Used On Hair As Short As 4-5mm Lenth For The Wax Strip To Grip Effevtively. Apply A Small Quantity Of Cream Wax Onto Clean And Dry Skin In The Deriction Of Hair Growth And Cover The Area With Wax Strip. Warm The Wax By Rubbing Strip With Your Hands For 30 Seconds. Hold The Skin Tightly With One Hand And With The Other Remove The Wax Strip Swiftly, Pulling Back Against The Direction Of Hair Growth. You Will Enjoy Hair Free Silky and Smooth Skin After Waxing

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