ICool IPhone 3.0 Fast Cable


  • Brand – ICool
  • 3.0 Fast Cable
  • 1 Month Brand Warrenty

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ICool IPhone 3.0 Fast Cable

Iphone charging cable by ICool is a premium cable designed exclusively for i Phones, i Pads and related devices. It ensures high quality, stable performance, quick and safe data sync and charging up to 3.0 A. The light weighted soft cable is durable, satisfying the function of data transmission and charging.

It provides fast charging and Fast data sync. Above all , the cable is is durable with a length of 1000 mm.

Fast charging & Data Sync

It provides high-speed data syncing up-to 3.0 Amp that is why it charges your phone fast. .


Iphone charging cable has a braided cord fiber jacket which makes these cables incredibly durable therefore, you do not need to worry cords getting snapped or broken.


No more tangling wires, never knots up.


Compatible for Apple Devices. e.g iPhone, iPad etc

  • A premium cable designed exclusively for i Phones, i Pads and similar devices
  • High quality
  • Stable performance
  • Quick charging in addition to safe data sync
  • Charging up to 3.0 A.

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